Personalised™ is a bespoke, luxurious, personal identity. Engage with us in the creation of an original embellishment that reflects the essence of who you are and what is important to you. Multifaceted and perceptive, Personalised™ is the expression of your being, the celebration of special moments in your life and a lasting gift to those you love.

Woven into your life - Personalised™ expresses your individuality

“Anything one man can imagine, other men can make real.” - Jules Verne

Our client service sets us apart

Personalised™ is a unique concept by London based studio, amber&green. An extensive network of highly skilled British artisans enhances our team of experienced design, image and creative professionals enabling us to fulfil any commission, no matter how complex. You are invited to be as involved as much as you wish in your Personalised™ journey; a dedicated project manager and design professional is available to liaise with you, or your representative, to ensure every step of the process is managed discreetly and efficiently. Inspired designs, close attention to detail and confidential service will define your Personalised™ experience.

Personalised™ for Others

Personalised™ is the perfect gift to represent the joining of two families through marriage, welcome new life or celebrate a coming of age or special anniversary. Whatever the occasion Personalised™ captures the essential elements and enhances them with a meaning that is totally unique and personal.

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Our custom designed invitations and personal stationery are crafted from exquisite papers and decorated with precious metal blocking and embossing techniques. You may be assured that the tone and style of our bespoke stationery perfectly complements any occasion

Personalised™ for Professionals

From private homes to marine and aviation projects, we work with a range of professionals who commission our service to add a highly original and individual touch to international design projects and interior spaces. We are happy to work with your chosen designers and would suggest they refer to the Personalised™ Professional section on this website.

Personalised™ to share

We had the pleasure of working with London based actress and National Treasure, Maureen Lipman CBE, who was so delighted with the way Personalised™ captured the elements of her life that she has generously agreed we can share her design. Hailing from Hull, the Humber Bridge supports the design and creates one of the many ‘Ms’ that are incorporated. Her soul mate, Jack Rosenthal, is represented by the Lancastrian rose. Maureen’s beloved dog, and Warren the rabbit add a modern, stylish twist on images used in traditional heraldry. The design is aptly crowned with theatre masks, and as Maureen is not one to dwell on sadness, only laughter and smiles feature here. Blended together we have created a design that fittingly reflects Ms Lipman’s personality: elegant, unique, tasteful and quirky.

“every element of Personalised™ means the world to me.”
Maureen Lipman C.B.E

Maureen Lipman logo


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